Uploading Question Files

ExperQuiz allows you to create questions within an office document, and upload them.

This may allow greater productivity, since you are editing many questions at once, with efficient tools, allowing cut-and-paste, and immediate text formatting.

Once you have edited a batch of questions in your document, you may use this page to upload it. Questions will be read from the document and inserted into the given base.

If there is any issue in the file, it will be notified to you precisely, so you can correct your document.

The document format for questions

We use files of the DOCX format. These files can be created and edited using LibreOffice suite, Google Docs, or Microsoft Office.

Within the document, there are a number of guidelines which you must follow so your questions will be correctly understood.

The best way to proceed is to download the sample file, using the link below, then open the file on your favorite word processor.

The file contains both written explanations and guidelines, and is also a sample file with 8 sample questions.

Existing files and portability

If you have existing files in another format than ExperQuiz one, contact us with the contact link of the home page.

We have many transfer tools that can make the portability easier.