Question generation feature

This feature allows you to create a set of questions from a prompt using ChatGPT. The quantity and type of questions generated may vary over time, as ExperQuiz develops this feature.

Formulate a prompt:

The statement defines a theme on which ChatGPT will create its questions. For example, to get questions about Antarctica, you can simply provide the statement “Antarctica”. Note that phrasing such as “The subject will be Antarctica” will not add anything to the generation, and may even diminish its quality. Once the statement is entered, simply press the “Generate” button and wait for the questions to appear.

There may be periods of overload on the ChatGPT service that may lead to significant delays or even generation failures.

From this prompt, ChatGPT will generate questions about, for example, Antarctic expeditions, the Antarctic treaty, the temperature on the continent, wildlife, etc.

These questions can be added to your base in a draft or active status, or can be deleted.

Human validation on generated questions:

The questions generated will be the result of ChatGPT; ExperQuiz is not responsible for the quality of these questions. Verifying that the questions and answers are relevant and correct before including them in your questionnaires is therefore mandatory.

Generated questions will remain editable once added to your base as questions, to correct any imperfections.

ChatGPT’s generations are likely to be less relevant on subjects whose data have not been part of its training data, e.g.:

  • Recent news, as the training data have stopped in time
  • Or data that are not accessible to the general public

Refine questions generation:

Whether for the reasons discussed above, or simply to get questions closer to your needs, the solution lies in the statement. You need to provide a more precise prompt to improve the generation. To continue with the “Antarctica” prompt example, if you actually wanted questions focused on Antarctic flora, you could re-specify the prompt as “Antarctic flora”.

ChatGPT receives only the statement needed for generation: no data about you or your company is used by ChatGPT. Previous statements are not used by ChatGPT either, meaning that each statement must be sufficient in itself to generate the questions you need.