Uploading a user file

You may import users in bulk, using an spreadsheet file.

Users file

The users file must be as follows:

  • XLSX format* One row per user
  • One header row that indicates the content of each column

How to proceed

The import is achieved like so:

  • Select the user file from your file system.
  • The file is instantly uploaded and scanned.
  • The header row is scanned trying to match known attributes, such as ‘name’ or ’email’.
  • If some headings are not matched, the issues are reported. You may correct the mapping of columns to attributes.To do so, click on the settings button.
  • Once the mapping is correct, you may launch the actual import of users. To do this, click on the button with a small triangle icon.
  • Users are imported. Errors are reported and listed.

Creation and update

If an user exists with the same id or the same email address, the import will not create a new user but will update the existing user.

Sending invitations

Once new users have been imported, they must be informed, and invited to define a password, which will activate their account.

Click on the Send invitations button. Each new user will receive an invitation email.