Contacts are users to whom you have submitted one or more evaluations, without having created an account for them on ExperQuiz.

Having no account, they cannot sign-in to ExperQuiz. They can only pass the evaluations that your are submitting, of which they are informed by email.

In order to better manage contacts, you may fill up their first and last name, and other attributes. To edit a contact, click on the pencil button.

You may view all the evaluations that have been submitted to a contact, by clicking on the button with a graph on it.

Activating a contact

You can turn a contact into an active user, who will have an account on ExperQuiz:

  • Check the contacts that you want to promote
  • Click the ACTIVATE button

The contacts will receive an email, informing them that their account has been created, and giving them their first password.

You will then find them in the Users tab. Evaluations that they had passed will remain with them.