Skills repository

A skills repository is described as a hierarchy made up of skills blocks, comprising skills, which are in turn made up of capacities. A capacity is an elementary knowledge, be it soft or hard.

Creating the repository

You may create your repository either by importing a file (see the sample file in the Import tab) or through the web interface.

The + button on each skills block row is used to create a new skill within the block.

The + button on each skill row is used to create a new capacity within the skill.

You will need to enter the validation threshold and the weight factor for the capacity within the skill. If the capacities of a skill are validated, then the skill itself is validated, and it will in turn trigger an update for the skills block.

Validation of a capacity

Some capacities may be validated through questionnaire-based tests or manually by a trainer, who may attach some file as a proof of the capacity.

The questionnaire validation of a capacity is performed through the consequences of a questionnaire (refer to the help panel of questionnaire settings). When a capacity is validated for a given user, ExperQuiz uses the validation settings and weights in order to update the parent skill and skill-block for the user. The user results can be viewed in the Users tab.

The trainer can update a capacity manually and provide a grade, a comment and an attachment.

Qualifications and jobs

ExperQuiz also provides tools for defining a repository of qualifications and jobs, linked with the skills repository.

If you wish to know more about this advanced feature, contact the ExperQuiz team.